Thoughtful & practical gifts to help through cancer + recovery

We make it easy for you to support them

Curated with love + care

Being unwell can be lonely

Be there for them

All items are carefully considered

Beautifully packaged ready to send

Be there for them

When they need you most

Send a Care Box

Let them know you are there for them

"When you really want to help, but you're not sure how"

Helpful things

Add-on to a Care Box or send individually
Here to help

It is hard to know what to do or say when a friend or loved one is facing an illness.

Gifting flowers and meals can be nice but sometimes it can cause more stress, having to find space for them and eventually having to deal with the mess.

So I decided to create an alternative.

I have put so much thought into these gifts based on my experience as a long-term patient (17+ years) and as a cancer charity founder and patient advocate.

Every item has a purpose, is ready to send and is beautifully wrapped in a reusable gift box or as an individual item.

Cancer Care Box makes it easy for you, to be there for them.

Just leave it to us.


Iā€™m going through chemo at the moment and this was such a lovely present to receive. Packed with treats to eat/drink and items that are useful during those long periods at hospital or simply to use at home. Itā€™s a great way to provide gentle support to friends, family, loved ones who are dealing with cancer.

Chris H.

'The items were so lovely and they arrived just at the right time.

It was such a relief for me, that they knew I was thinking of them during their recovery"

Georgina C.

I didn't want to send flowers, sending a Cancer Care Box was much more thoughtful, and they just loved it'

Regan R.