Donate a Care Box
Donate a Cancer Care Box

Donate a Care Box

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Feel great sharing the love and donate a Care Box to someone in need. 

Our Care Boxes are curated from experience and we have a network of medical professionals all over the country who can guide us to a deserving recipient. 

We can also send a card if you wish to donate this on behalf of someone as a gift - for example, instead of a traditional Xmas gift, the recipient receives a card to say a Cancer Care Box was donated to a patient in need. 

Donate a Care Box includes:

  • Stainless steel drink bottle - for hot or cold liquids

  • Cosy soft socks

  • Sleeping eye mask

  • Ear plugs
  • Notebook & writing pen

  • Protein bar or health bar

  • A few other yummy treats too

  • Handwritten card letting them know someone is thinking of them

*Items may vary according to availability at time of dispatch but will match equal value and always be selected with thoughtful love and care.


NOTE: When we send out our gifts, the boxes are labelled with just our Care Box logo as we know the word 'cancer' can be confronting for some people.  See our picture for the outside packaging of the box


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