How We Give Back

More often than not, cancer is a marathon rather than a sprint. The patient always needs their own network of family and friends to help them through such a life changing event. But sadly not everyone has a community around them. There are some patients who face cancer mostly alone. 

As part of my offering,  I will be directing a portion of profits towards donating Care Boxes to patients in need. I will be sending these mostly through nurses at hospitals as they will know who will benefit most. It won't change what is happening, but we hope it will bring a small moment of joy and remind them that people care. 

We are a social enterprise because our overall aim is to do everything we can to ensure cancer patients throughout NZ feel supported throughout their journey, not just at the initial diagnoses. The mental health of cancer patients is often forgotten because of the physical challenges they face, however having good support around them can make a huge difference to their recovery and to any future treatments. 

Throughout my years of working with patients, I would often hear how they felt their usual support networks would disappear over time, and it wasn't because their loved ones didn't care, but because often they just don't know what to do or say. It is hard. Sometimes it just takes the smallest step to reconnect again. I decided to try and make that easier with Cancer Care Box. 

In the long term, I hope to provide a regular donation each month to the worthy cancer charities around NZ who I personally know work so very hard for the patients they support. In particular to Unicorn Foundation NZ and to the other cancer charities who I have seen first hand supporting patients in meaningful ways.

I also would like to find ways to help improve access and funding to mental health services for cancer patients. 

More on this soon... 

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