Future Goals

More often than not, cancer is a marathon rather than a sprint. The mental health of cancer patients is often forgotten because of the physical challenges they face, however having good support around them can make a huge difference to their recovery and to any future treatments. 

The best support for a patient is most often their own existing network of family and friends to help them through such a life changing event. But sadly not everyone has a community around them. There are some patients who face cancer mostly alone. 

It's early days but my goal for the future is to direct a portion of profits towards donating Care Boxes to patients who don't have support around them. I will be sending these mostly through nurses at hospitals as they will know who will benefit most. It won't change what is happening, but we hope it will bring a small moment of joy and remind them that people care. 

In the long term, we hope to provide regular donations to the worthy cancer charities around NZ who I personally know work so very hard for the patients they support. 


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