Chest + Tummy Buddy - Seatbelt Pillow

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Chest + Tummy Buddy – Seatbelt Pillow


After any major chest, abdominal, or shoulder surgery, a car ride shouldn’t be unbearable, but a car seatbelt often irritates stitches and tender areas making it an uncomfortable ride.

No matter the procedure or complication, the Chest + Tummy Buddy is a perfect solution. Great after Chemo Port placements, breast surgeries, shoulder procedures, heart surgeries or you can  place over the stomach for any abdominal surgeries. .

The Chest / Tummy Buddy works on all kinds of seatbelts in every single car. It can be used on left or right seatbelts, or even lap belts. No matter where you’re experiencing the discomfort.

Simply place around the seatbelt in desired area, then secure using the Velcro strap for a relaxed ride.