THE COMFORT PILLOW - For surgery recovery

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Introducing the wonderful Comfort Pillow which has been designed for breast cancer surgery recovery, mastectomy, lymph node removal, breast reconstruction or any chest surgery. It is super soft and provides underarm comfort, while supporting and protecting the chest.

It comes with handy long ribbon to tie and adjust to carry and also keep in position.

The pillow will be a constant companion at home, in the hospital, and while sleeping. Helpful for comfortable support, lying down or sitting, keeping the weight of the patients arms off any painful incisions during the healing process. Also helps to prevent pets and small children from bumping incisions.

After mastectomy, for the ride home from the hospital, protect the chest while driving. Protect the wound after surgery reducing the impact of the seat belt and protect sensitive areas from the seatbelt. You can also purchase the Chest + Tummy Buddy seatbelt pillow which is useful to keep in the car on-going. Great for the entire healing process. We suggest purchasing this pillow before surgery.

NZ Made using soft cotton fabric and satin ribbon. 

Available in lots of different colours.