Hospital Stay Care Box

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This Hospital Stay Care Box includes the things they might not even know they need. Like ear-plugs and eye masks, which are essential in noisy hospitals where it can be nearly impossible to sleep.

Also did you know that many hospital wards will not accept flowers? This Care Box includes handy items a friend or loved one will thank you for. 

Hospital Stay Care Box includes:

  • White Hotel Slippers - easy to slip on for getting up to the bathroom, or walking around in what is usually a shared space, so bed socks are kept clean
  • Earplugs - hospitals are always noisy
  • Sleeping eye mask - another tool to help get some sleep in shared spaces
  • Moana Rd Drink Bottle - For hot or cold liquids on the go
  • Reusable straws - especially useful when you can only use one hand
  • Lip Balm - air conditioning can be super dehydrating
  • Sukin Hydrating Mist - natural refreshing spray to hydrate skin
  • Blank writing journal and pen - for jotting down questions for your medical team
  • Soft cosy bed socks -  a bit of extra comfort
  • Natural bamboo toothbrush & Travel case - for extra hygiene in shared bathrooms
  • Herbal Tea sachets and 'Thinking of You' message single tea - to aid sleeping
  • Natural Healthy snacks - so often vending machines are pretty limited
  • Activity book & Pen - a good distraction to have on hand
  • 'Thinking of You' gift card with your personal message - just add this at checkout
  • All packaged up inside our reusable magnetic closing gift box -  which can be used to discreetly store medications afterwards 

*Please note the charger cable in the picture is an add on, for Apple products only, please contact us for more info.