PICC Line Cover Armband

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A great way to protect and disguise a PICC line. Sometimes these can stay in for a long time so this is useful to help stop it from getting caught up.

Light and comfy to wear, they look good and feel great. All covers are handmade using best quality stretch fabrics.

It’s best to measure the bicep (see image) and then order a slightly smaller size so it fits snugly. Covers have no elastic to pinch or bind, and should fit firmly but not too tight.

If there is a colour or fabric option you would like but it isn’t listed, then please message to see what can be arranged.

Requests for sizes and lengths are welcome -  please get in touch with questions, we’re happy to help

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Lycra, Cotton threads, Polyester, spandex


Please note:

Photos are examples only.
These covers are designed as a way to disguise your medical PICC lines and are not a direct replacement for your sterile dressings.